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Mainland of China

Shenzhen OFFICE
1004,Section B,Building 6,Runkehuafu,HeZhou,XiXiang,BaoAn,ShenZhen China
Module Factory:
No. 7, 1st Chuangye Street, Ailingkan Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan, China
Panel Factory:
Fenghou Park (west), Yihuang, Jiangxi, China

Dong Xian knows clearly people from different countries and nations have different cultures, faiths, and different ways of communication, which he attaches importance to. Therefore, Dong Xian is always trying her best to learn and respect the diversification. And now, Dong Xian has managed to divide her foreign salespersons into several groups according to the cultures and marketing needs in the hope of offering the best satisfactory service to you. 

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Tel: +86-755- 84571967,  +86-769-85783167 Tax +86-769 - 8578316


Shenzhen Office Address:Unit 202B1, C6 Building, HengFeng Industrial Town, HeZhou,XiXiang, BaoAn,ShenZhen China,518126

Factory Address : No. 7, 1st Chuangye Street, Ailingkan Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan, China. 523833 

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