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Backlight can be any kind of color;  monochrome liquid crystal usually uses yellow, green, blue, red and white backlight. LED backlight can enhance the color performance of LCD display. 


Backlight Type 

LED backlight; CCFL backlight; EL backlight

Classified by Thickness 


Classified by Light Guide Plate 

Extrusion molding board (steel mold needed), and Laser cutting silk-screen

Drive Voltage

LED backlight: 1.8~2.1V, and 2.8-3.1V
CCFL backlight: around 1000V
EL backlight: 100V
The main advantages of LED backlight are as follows
1. High brightness. The brightness will not fall even after being used for a long time. And it has a thinner body and nice shape.
2. Soft in color, good for eyes when it combines with LCD panel 
3. Energy saving, environmentally friendly and low radiation.

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